Blue Heart’s Revelry Bring the Pain on ‘Violence’

Artist: Blue Heart’s Revelry
Song: Violence
Released: Dec. 4, 2016
Genre: Folk/Americana

Hailing from Easton, Blue Heart’s Revelry has released the first single from their forthcoming, eight-track album – and it’s a tale of heartbreak and anguish.

“Violence” features the vocals of Lucas Sutphen and Joe Burley, who trade lead duties and each have a distinctive grit that projects the range of raw emotions that follow a breakup. A pointed sense of anger and bitterness permeates the verses, suggesting that this song speaks to a relationship that is far from resolved.

Instrumentally, “Violence” is rooted in the traditions of old time country and bluegrass. The simple, minimalist opening recalls Johnny Cash before strings and percussion create the tune’s strong rhythmic backbone.

The climax of “Violence” begins around 3:15 and features a sweet, shimmering violin solo from Dan Stevens. At 4:10, a sing-along melody begins featuring the lyrics, “If I broke her heart / would she even break a slience / She loves to kill with kindness / It’s her favorite kind of violence.” This, despite the morbid subject matter, is a fun and enjoyable moment that is sure to go over well during live performances.

Listen to “Violence,” the new single from Blue Heart’s Revelry, below!

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