New in 2017: Hearts Unknown Make a Name for Themselves on ‘Without Reason’

Artist: Hearts Unknown
Album: Without Reason (LISTEN)
Released: Dec. 27, 2016
Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal

Scranton’s Hearts Unknown seem to be taking a cue from Wilkes-Barre’s Breaking Benjamin. I say that as the highest compliment; like their famous neighbors, their polished, yet aggressive sound comes through in a big way on their new full-length release, “Without Reason.”

The band has many standout moments on “Without Reason,” including “Betrayal,” a radio-ready track featuring an intriguing guitar layer from lead axe man Mark Naples. Frontman Karl Lewis shines on that track and others, calling to mind Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington in his passion and versatility to alternate between clean and unclean vocals.

Other album highlights include opening track “No Respect,” which starts the album the way a metal band should – with aggression, angst, and a good hook. To contrast the heaviness of the opener, there’s “Gift of Life,” a moving, downtrodden ballad that reflects the hopelessness of teetering on the edge.

Bringing things full circle is album closer, “All is Fair,” which seems to serve as a review of the album’s salient features, starting off tender and building up to perhaps the heaviest, most intense breakdown on the record.

Track listing:
No Respect
Washed Away
Beneath the Skin
Take Your Time
Gift of Life
True Colors
Paper Wings
All is Fair

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