New in 2017: Alpha Zero Three Gives You ‘Chills’

Artist: Alpha Zero Three
Song: Chills
Released: Jan. 14, 2017
Genre: Rock

There’s a lot to like about “Chills,” the latest track from Lehigh Valley-based rockers Alpha Zero Three.

Whether it’s the slightly funky guitar riff to start the song, underscored by Bob Giovannetti’s effectively subtle work on the keys, or the “Man in the Box”-reminiscent verses, “Chills” hooks the avid rock fan from the beginning with its accessibility to any and all fans of the genre.

One thing to note is the impressive range of vocalist Monty Leach. OK… we had already “noted” that long ago, but it shows up here in a big way, between low verses and a soaring chorus that heads to the opposite end of the vocal spectrum.

One more thing: the intense, alarming quality of the bridge is a moment not to be missed. Fortunately, it (along with the entire song) is below, so you have no excuse to miss it!

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