Saturday Doubleheader Part 1: Living Room Sessions at Scratch

I had the pleasure of supporting local music across our great Valley this Saturday night, trekking from Bethlehem on a mild (for January), foggy evening to hit both of the day’s Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week selections.

I was blown away by the talent at each stop that I’ve decided each deserves it own post. So, let’s start it off with a quick recap of the latest edition of Living Room Sessions at Scratch.

I got to Easton Public Market a hair before 6:30, where I saw Mt. Shasta performing an opening set to warm up the crowd. Andrew’s brand of acoustic downtempo music was on-point, and created a nice listening room atmosphere for what was to come.

Taking the mic next, with guitar in-hand, was Brittany Ramaglia of New Jersey-based electronic band, Weston. The original material translated well in an intimate acoustic setting, thanks in large part to the Brittany’s impressive vocal talents. It was our first encounter with the singer, and we hope it wasn’t the last, because she played a great set that included a duet with Pentley Holmes.

Speaking of Pentley, he took things from there, playing many of the selections from his outstanding album, “Rip Out My Heart” and giving us a lot to look forward to when we see him next at American Spirits Roadhouse on February 10.

My only regret is missing Blue Heart’s Revelry’s set. After reviewing their single “Violence” last week, I was hoping to catch some of their live act during Living Room Sessions, but I did have another appointment to keep. I’ll happily make it up to them during a future show, though. (Hold me to it!)

We have photos of the action below, and more still to come from Part 2 of Saturday night’s doubleheader…

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