Another Day Dawns Has the ‘Love She’s After’

Artist: Another Day Dawns
Song: Love She’s After (LISTEN)
Released: Jan. 13, 2017
Genre: Hard rock

For all of their ruggedness, there’s a certain polish and infectious nature to the music of Another Day Dawns that hints at a bright future for the young Lehighton rockers.

Lo and behold, they’ve struck again on their single, the hard-hitting, yet masterfully produced¬†“Love She’s After.”

The swaggering stage presence of frontman Dakota McGeehan seems to bleed through the speakers on the track, as his gravelly delivery adds a punch to the song’s headbanging rhythms. Meanwhile, guitarist Tyler Ritter adds an artful layer with his axe, playing with a precision on his solos that causes the listener to hang on every note.

Also, it’s worth noting that you can hear the new single alongside the rest of¬†Another Day Dawns’ blistering brand of rock and roll this Saturday, when the band comes to Stahley’s, located at 1826 Hanover Ave. in Allentown. Information on that show is here.

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