Greg in Good Company’s ‘American Way’ Offers Pointed Political Commentary

Disclaimer: Lehigh Valley Underground is proud to be a media outlet which takes no official political stance. However, we are proud to give all performers a platform for their artistic expression.

It is no secret to anyone — especially if you have a social media profile — that we live in an extremely polarizing time in American history. That’s why Greg in Good Company, the Los Angeles-based band fronted by Lehigh Valley native Greg Gilman, felt compelled to speak out on the issues preventing the nation’s citizens from working together.

Behold, the lyric video for the band’s new single, “American Way.” The video shows imagery of many controversial current affairs, including but not limited to the 2016 Presidential Election and the various acts of violence that have become headline news in recent years, while calling out the fear-based inaction of the American people.

Take a look at the video below, and interpret it as you will. Surely, this could generate some lively discussion in the comments. We just ask that you keep things civil and productive. Thanks!

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