Frycki: Jamboree Man

The First Annual Lehigh Valley Underground Winter Jamboree is only a week away! So, we thought we would check in with Chris Frycki, who will be performing solo under his own last name. Check out the interview below, and make sure you head to American Spirits Roadhouse to hear Frycki play alongside Julia Sommer, Carter Lansing, Copper Fields, Pentley & The Lucid Dreamers, and Dear Anna.

Let’s start from the beginning: What made you get into music in the first place?
My best friend in my junior year of high school had recently picked up the guitar, and he thought it would be cool if I got a bass and we would start a band. So, I got a bass and I learned to play quickly, but got bored with playing only one note at a time. *laughs* I became envious of my best friend playing chords, and I was creative and became interested in writing music. So, as summer vacation started, I got me a guitar. All I did was play, and write songs. It literally became an addiction. And here I am.

Who are some of your biggest influences?
Oh gosh, way too many to list. I found a passion in writing and creating songs, which continuously made me look for different influences, people, and places to draw inspiration from. I’ve gone through phases of influence: Classical, Pop, R&B, Disco, Rock, Grunge, Jazz, Dance, et cetera. I still find new influences, listening to new artists and new music all the time. Even some of the local Lehigh Valley bands I’ve discovered influence me in some way or another. I just roll on inspiration from wherever I can get it.

But, in learning to play guitar, Alex Lifeson and Jimmy Page are my two biggest influences. I’ve worn out my Rush and Led Zeppelin CDs.

Currently, you’re the bassist for Zed D’Lance, a local alt-rock band who has some impressive accomplishments to its credit! Tell us about it.
We’ve been together a little over two years, and have opened for multi-platinum bands Live, Candlebox, The Verve Pipe, Warrant, LA Guns, and some top local acts. We plan on releasing our first EP this spring, and we’re booking a few summer shows. It should be a big year for Zed D’Lance!

Outside of Zed D’Lance, you’ve recently embarked on a solo project under the working title of “Frycki.” What does this allow you to do differently from your role in Zed D’Lance?
As a multi-genre songwriter, it gives me the outlet to share some of my music that doesn’t “fit” Zed D’Lance’s sound, but I don’t think the role is any “different.” Whether solo, collaborating, co-writing, playing guitar, bass, or singing, I think the outcome of a genuine song that can maybe touch someone in some way is the most important thing of being a writer, musician, bandmate, and performer. My role is always to create the best song possible, whether I’m solo or with a band; singing or not; playing guitar, bass, or keys. It’s about the music. Many friends and fans have encouraged me to share some of my secret stash of demoed songs I’ve shared with them, so here I go… solo.

What are your plans for this solo project?
I’m going to release an EP this spring of some songs in my catalogue, throw some music out there, play a few gigs, and gain some listeners. I’m not even sure of a permanent name for the project yet, but it’s gonna be awesome! And, I hope to record an album this year as well.

You’re playing the First Annual Lehigh Valley Underground Winter Jamboree on Friday, February 10. What can we expect from your set?
All original music. Some brand spankin’ new, hot off the press. Some foot-stompin’ jams, and some mellow reflective dreamy acoustic stuff. You’ll have to be there to find out. I’m very excited!

What has been your favorite show at American Spirits Roadhouse so far?
Novemberfest. Hands down. The lineup was awesome, and the whole day was just amazing!

What do you think the future looks like for live music at American Spirits Roadhouse?
Very positive. It’s such a great venue!

We’ve come to the end! Tell us where we can learn more about you and your projects online!
Well, you can check out Zed D’Lance at My solo stuff is a work in progress, so you’ll have to wait. *laughs* Or, personally friend me on Facebook. See you at the Jamboree!

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