Copper Fields: A Soulful Journey

I first happened upon Copper Fields in July at Easton Heritage Day. The trio immediately stood out to me due to their crisp, soulful vocal harmonies and technical proficiency. Friday night, Lehigh Valley Underground has the honor of hosting Copper Fields at our First Annual Winter Jamboree at American Spirits Roadhouse. Read below for a bit more on what to expect.

Legend has it that Copper Fields began in 2012, when Jason and Kirk came together from a previous band to develop something new. What is the difference between this project and the previous one?
In the previous band, Jason was the only one writing the songs. In Copper Fields, there is more of a collaborative effort. We play with more sounds and have broadened our horizons.

Warren came in to complete the trio a bit later. What did he add to the band’s overall dynamic?
Warren is the third pillar, really giving the music something to stand on. He’s a strong rhythmic foundation, and he brings in the third part in our vocal harmonies.

In terms of genres, your music covers a lot of ground, from rock and soul, to country and bluegrass. Who are some of your biggest influences?
Kirk’s influences include Bela Fleck and Son Volt. Warren’s influences are Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, and Larry Graham. Jason’s influences include The Eagles, Lionel Ritchie, Amos Lee, and John Mayer.

They’ve all meshed together to create a sound that is polished and unique to Copper Fields. How would you describe it?
We don’t really think about following suit or what genre we fall in, but one could consider us a sub-genre of Americana.

People have taken notice. For one thing, you were recently nominated for a handful of Lehigh Valley Music Awards. Talk about what this means to you as a band.
First, we would like to thank everyone that has supported us and pushed us in the right direction. Our fans are amazing, so thank all of you. You keep us motivated, and we greatly appreciate you! We were nominated for Outstanding Fusion Bluegrass band, as well as Outstanding Folk band. On top of that, we were definitely humbled to be nominated for Best Original Song! To be nominated for one award is flattering and, of course, exciting! We are just so happy to know that people appreciate what we do.

I think a lot of people are looking forward to getting their hands on some Copper Fields music in the near future. Is there an album in the works?
We are currently in the studio and in the recording process. We are putting as much of ourselves into the recording process as we did with the songwriting. It will be released in the near future.

This Friday, you’ll be kind enough to join us at the First Annual Lehigh Valley Underground Winter Jamboree at American Spirits Roadhouse. What can we expect from your performance?
A soulful journey… “Past the Copper Fields, with their built-in corn rows and through the meadow lands with their future unknown.”  (That’s an excerpt from one of our songs)

We’ve come to the end! Tell the good people where they can learn more about Copper Fields online.
Hit us up on…
Twitter: @Copper_Fields
Instagram: Copper_Fields_band
SoundCloud: Copper Fields Music

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