My Evening With VICTIM

Last week, VICTIM frontman Cris Moser reached out to me with an offer to drop by one of the band’s practices, hang out, and hear some new material before it’s released to the public. I’m always down for an adventure, so I gladly and quickly accepted.

This adventure saw me head to Northampton, where the band makes its home and rehearses multiple times per week in its own private space. It’s set back from the main road and offers plenty of room – perfect for a band that likes to rock as loud as VICTIM.

In addition to hearing old favorites like “Hoodrat” and “RnR,” and getting to jam with the guys on covers (hello, “Wanted Dead or Alive”) and their new single, “Fade Away,” I had an exclusive listen to performances of two new VICTIM tunes – “Look What You’ve Done” and “Hooked on My Love.”

To me, it’s clear that the guys have been hard at work on expanding their hard rock horizons. Upon first impressions, “Hooked on My Love” shows hints of radio-friendly sensibility, while “Look What You’ve Done” is a grittier, more serious piece. Both songs are dripping with the band’s trademark swagger, making each, undeniably, a VICTIM track at the end of the day.

You, too, might be able to hear one of these tunes if VICTIM gets to 100 subscribers on its YouTube channel. The band has promised to release a new single with a video once they hit the magic number. Go help them out. Trust me: if you’re a rock fan, you’ll be helping yourself out, too.

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