Shards Recording Studio Offers Creative, DIY Spirit

In South Bethlehem, just over the Fahy Bridge and set slightly off the South Side’s main drag, is a creative haven which breeds unique sounds and songs.

This is Shards, a local, DIY recording studio run by Matt Molchany, co-founder of Tape Swap Radio and guitarist/vocalist for local indie rock band, VoirVoir.

“My philosophy behind Shards is that it is an artistic sanctuary, above all,” Molchany said. “I’ve picked the gear and laid out the room so that, in an instant, any type of recording sound or style can happen, and new sounds can be born.”


Matt Molchany of Shards works with Daytime Cleaners on an upcoming single.

Molchany spends long hours perfecting the space and working with artists – like Bethlehem band Daytime Cleaners, who were recording vocals for their new song “Bonnie Brown” when we stopped by this past Wednesday. The single is expected to drop as a 7” vinyl on Wyrd Wurd Records in the near future.

While there, we had the chance to see a true collaboration between band and producer. Molchany took time and care with Daytime Cleaners to help them realize their artistic vision, a practice which is commonplace at the studio. Molchany has even been known to join in on sessions himself, sometimes playing every instrument on a recording to help an artist reach a goal.

“(Shards) is a recording studio at its core, but a DIY or do-it-together attitude is what I bring to it,” Molchany told LVU. “That, and a total commitment on my end to facilitate people’s art exactly how they see it.”

Learn more about Shards and its exciting new projects on Facebook, or check out the SoundCloud feed below to sample the studio’s work.


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