Review: Blue Heart’s Revelry – Until You’re Gone

Catch Blue Heart’s Revelry tonight at 6 p.m. at Scratch, inside of Easton Public Market! Details here.

Artist: Blue Heart’s Revelry
Album: Until You’re Gone (LISTEN)
Released: Feb. 14, 2017
Genre: Folk/Bluegrass/Americana

Last month, we reviewed “Violence,” a single from Easton folk band Blue Heart’s Revelry. At the time of its release, its tale of pain and anguish served as a precursor to the band’s forthcoming album, “Until You’re Gone.”

Indeed, the band’s full-length effort features songs about the trials we experience in our interpersonal relationships, adding a hint of melancholy to even the album’s most up-tempo tracks. All of this is done solidly within the sonic context of old time Americana, making for eight selections that would make Johnny Cash proud.

Within that framework, Blue Heart’s Revelry showcases its musical flexibility. The opening track, “Coffee & Cigarettes,” starts off with an ambient, alt rock touch, adding a layer to the band’s folk foundation. There’s an element of fun to stomp-along tracks like “Bad Decisions” and “Virginia,” with the latter seeming to draw inspiration in its opening strings from the gospel traditional, “This Little Light of Mine.” “Try Honesty” is a fun, strum-along tune featuring an effective fiddle solo and lyrics that come to terms with one’s own faults.

Another highlight is the closing track, “Lack of Heart,” which features soothing, stripped down guitar picking to underscore poetic verses.

Track listing:
Coffee & Cigarettes
Until You’re Gone
Bad Decisions
Try Honesty
Lack of Heart

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