Brooklyn Artpop Singer Oshwa Coming to Connexions Gallery Mar. 24.

Oshwa, a Brooklyn-based singer and multi-instrumentalist, is coming to Easton’s Connexions gallery to headline a carefully-curated night of indie music.

The artist, real name Alicia Walter, has just begun her Northeast tour in support of her recent release, “I We You Me,” and will include a stop at the popular Easton gallery on Friday, March 24.

“When Alicia reached out about including a stop in Easton on her Northeast tour, I immediately thought it was a great opportunity to create a unique experience for the Lehigh Valley,” said Andrew Sheldon, event organizer and performing artist under the name, Mt. Shasta. “So, I wanted to create a whole event around that idea.”

The evening’s lineup will progress from the dreamy, ambient folk of Mt. Shasta, to the sounds of Josh Finck and his beat-driven cassette project, Half State, which straddles the line between dream and reality.

“I knew immediately the only person who could augment (the evening’s lineup) was Josh Finck,” Sheldon said. “Josh’s shows couple his music with dreamlike visual projections he creates using his art background.”

The night’s “awakening” progression will then complete, with earlier ambiance giving way to Oshwa’s big, captivating artpop sounds.

“I’ve had the great fortune to have seen a few Oshwa shows while visiting in Chicago, and was familiar with the fact that they were more than a music show,” Sheldon said. “Alicia uses loops, pre-recorded samples, narration, and choreography to construct an intricate performance.”

The evening’s festivities will begin at 6 p.m. For updates and more information, visit the event’s official Facebook page.

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