Review: Church Girls – Thousand Lives

Artist: Church Girls
Album: Thousand Lives
Released: January 2016
Genre: Indie rock/post-punk

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There’s something raw about “Thousand Lives,” the most recent release from Philly indie rock quartet Church Girls. Perhaps it’s the lo-fi, gritty ambiance brought about by its fuzzy guitars and driving rhythms. Or, perhaps it is the tender melancholy of ballads “Friends and Idols” and “Sink.”

Whatever the case, Church Girls has a collection of songs that strike a balance between sweet and powerful, with a tendency to go unexpected places.

Those unexpected places are visited on a track like “Slow,” whose upbeat, post-punk edge gives way to a dreamy chorus and an even dreamier, tender bridge. Then, there’s “Green,” a fun, mostly-instrumental jam borne of an urgent introduction. Meanwhile, album closer “Smoke Signals” take the band’s grungy tendencies and couples them with a sleepy bluesiness.

Check out “Thousand Lives” below!

Track listing:
Thousand Lives
Friends and Idols
Smoke Signals

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