PHOTOS: Psychoskunk, Adam Travis & The Soul, Roi and the Secret People, and Bohemian Mule at The Grape Room

What do you do when you find yourself out of town on a Saturday night, but you still want to cover a show?

I had that question answered for me this week. I knew that I was going to be in the Philly area this weekend for some personal life stuff. As I looked through my Facebook events, I noticed that our friends Roi and the Secret People had an upcoming show at The Grape Room in Manayunk.

From there, I knew I had plans.

We arrived in time to catch most of Psychoskunk’s opening set, and was immediately impressed by the band’s brand of funky rock, complete with tight rhythms which underscored some bluesy guitar jamming.

Soon thereafter, Adam Travis & The Soul took the stage. Let me tell you: this band has a good thing going on. Their reggae rock influences blend together with classic blues and soul sensibilities, and it’s all tied together with catchy melodies to make for a fun night out for just about anybody.

Roi and the Secret People were next up on the bill, delivering a captivating rock and roll performance from the opening chords of “Arizona” straight through the soulful “Dog St.” Frontman Mike Roi worked hard to ensure that every single person in the room was drawn into the band’s set, delivering another signature, head-turning performance.

After that, we were introduced to Bohemian Mule, who brought their own element to the evening. Their tunes, rooted in psychedelia with shades of 90s grunge, accented with a splash of Magical Mystery Tour-era Beatles, provided some of the most sonically engaging moments of the night.

Unfortunately, our night concluded before Apple Juice Jones had a chance to take the stage to close the night. Our parking was expired, and we had a riveting late-night drive on the treacherous Schuylkill Expressway in front of us. However, we look forward to catching those guys — and all of the acts we enjoyed on Saturday night — very soon!

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