Gamer’s Delight: Maverick da Roninn Previews ‘Gamers Interlude 2’ Mixtape

Whether you’re a gamer or a hip hop fan, local rapper Maverick da Roninn just released something you’ll appreciate.

The Brooklyn-born hip hop artist released singles from his upcoming “Gamers Interlude 2” mixtape, complete with smooth production and clever bars that are packed with geek culture references.

The first track, “Princess,” is a mellow Neb Daught Kham track produced by Shadowbyrd, with features from Maverick and Mystic Elder Maikis. Fans of Super Mario Bros. will notice the game’s iconic “Princess in another castle” quandry as a metaphor for the search for love.

The next track, “Street Fight (Remix),” is much more high-energy. The collaborative effort — featuring Neb Daught Kham and Elder Maikis — was conceived at the MAGFest gaming convention this January.

The final preview track, “Game Over,” might be best and most naturally used as the closer when the full “Gamers Interlude 2” hits. Or, alternatively, we could see it opening the mixtape, possibly easing us in before a harder-hitting track like “Street Fight (Remix)” above. Judge for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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