LVU Wants to Know Your Favorite Local Songs

Here at Lehigh Valley Underground, it is our job to connect artists to one another. Just as important is our ability to discover new local music.

We’ve devised a way to make both of those things happen simultaneously — by having you tell us, for your peers to see, what you’re listening to!

We wanted to make this interesting, so we’ve decided to play a game with you all. Here are the rules:

  1. Tell us about a song (or songs — up to three) from original Lehigh Valley artists that you’re digging at the moment.
  2. You have to pick someone else’s song — not your own.
  3. You have to tell us why you like each one.
  4. You can only use each artist once.

If we get enough submissions, we’ll put together a Spotify playlist of all of your picks — as long as the songs are on Spotify, that is!

I’ll get the conversation started with three picks of my own:

  1. Roi and the Secret People – Arizona: I dig this as a pure rock and roll anthem. I also want to drive to Cubs spring training and have this blasting as I cross from New Mexico into Arizona (I would drive, of course).
  2. Alex Mery and the Townsmen – Lay Down Arms: I just think this is a well-crafted song, and I love how it unexpectedly ramps up from apparent folk ballad to something a bit more mid-tempo.
  3. Another Day Dawns – Love She’s After: This appeals perfectly to my hard rock tastes. Frontman Dakota McGeehan’s delivery is perfect, and it’s a catchy, accessible headbanger with some sweet guitar licks.

There are mine. What are yours?

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