Review: Doctor Ransom – Self-titled EP

Artist: Doctor Ransom
Album: Self-titled EP (LISTEN)
Released: March 21, 2017
Genre: Garage Rock

Back in September, LVU contributor Doug Keller reviewed Doctor Ransom’s single, “Hook & Cross,” with the promise of an upcoming EP to follow. That EP is here in all its self-titled glory, and its five tracks do a nice job of capturing the spirit of rock and roll.

Bookended by fun, up-tempo pop punk-leaning tracks “Let Go” and the aforementioned “Hook & Cross,” Bethlehem-based Doctor Ransom has released an accessible, versatile garage rock record that also features “Every Little Thing,” which offers a 90s alternative feel reminiscent of The Gin Blossoms, as well as “Midnight,” a ballad whose guitar progression, three-quarter time signature, and vocal harmonies give a nod to the early days of rock and roll.

The musical apex of the album, however, is “Lovingkindness,” a song combining all of the above elements with a guitar and vocal melody that recalls some of Weezer’s best work.

Check out the self-titled “Doctor Ransom” here!

Track listing:
Let Go
Every Little Thing
Hook & Cross

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