PHOTOS: Neil Grover and Steve Brosky (w/ Jimmy Meyer) at Spin Me Round Phillipsburg

Sunday saw LVU heading into unfamiliar territory. Prior to this weekend, we had never set foot inside of Spin Me Round, the popular record store located inside of the Phillipsburg Mall. We had heard plenty about the great work they do, but the stars had never aligned for us to formally cross paths, in person.

After Sunday, I can assure you that those stars will be aligning much more frequently.

We had the pleasure of enjoying a two-for-one offering of singer-songwriters at Spin Me Round on this day, as our friends Neil Grover and Steve Brosky performed an afternoon of their outstanding acoustic tunes.

Neil, who we look forward to hearing perform at the Launch Music Conference in a few weeks, sounded great delivering his tender vocals over his mellow guitar tones. He’s also worked on his look recently, as he can be seen rocking the fedora and looking dapper below.

Brosky followed up with a set of mostly originals from his new album, “Still,” alongside a couple covers and other original favorites. Steve’s storytelling lyrics and gravely vocals were supported by the guitar work of longtime friend and collaborator Jimmy Meyer, who stole the show with his always-inventive performance on the acoustic axe.

Two final notes on the afternoon: First, thank you to the good folks at the Phillipsburg Mall GameStop. I pulled out my camera in the middle of Neil Grover’s set, only to discover that I had left my SD card in my laptop. Fortunately, GameStop was able to bail me out by having a replacement available for purchase. This feature might have featured some pretty lame phone photos without that store coming through in the clutch.

Last, but certainly not least: Spin Me Round is one of the most unique places for live music in the Greater Lehigh Valley. There is ample space, not only for great original music, but the potential for other entertainment events. Not to mention, there is a ton of cool merch and a super friendly, authentic staff. We’re already looking forward to heading back, and it should be on your list to visit, as well!

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