LVU Supports Moravian College’s Second Annual Day of Giving

Today is the second annual Moravian College Day of Giving. Briefly, I would like to pause from our regularly scheduled local music content to tell you why it’s important to me to give back to this institution — the sixth-oldest college in the United States.

I first came to the Lehigh Valley in August of 2006 when, believe it or not, I arrived to Moravian for football camp. This moment was the culmination of a challenging and ultimately triumphant period of my life — one where I was on a hell-bent mission to play college football and make something of myself.

Over time, my Moravian experience became about much more than football. I made many dear, lifelong friends during my experience. I developed both personally and professionally, and found a surprising passion in college radio, when I hosted the Dominic & The Quinn Radio Show alongside my brother throughout 2007 and 2008. After he graduated, the show was succeeded by — you guessed it — the earliest version of The Quinn Spinn.

From there, we know the story. I resurrected the show after college, tried some different ways to build the brand, and then found my way back to the Valley with a chance to localize my independent music efforts. Of course, that led to the website you’re visiting now.

In short, Lehigh Valley Underground would not exist as your local music resource if it weren’t for my Moravian experience laying the foundation. That’s why it’s important to me to serve as an #MCGiveDay ambassador, and why I ask you to consider making a gift to Moravian. You can use my link to donate and, if you feel inclined, please watch a short video I recorded about my experience below.

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