Beyond The Valley: What’s Exciting About The Stonewall Vessels?

I had the opportunity to see a ton of great performances by incredible talent at Launch Music Conference in Lancaster last weekend. However, the one that I keep coming back to is The Stonewall Vessels’ performance at Binn’s Park during the Fest Friday portion of the weekend.

The band’s performance was one of the most memorable of not only the festival, but perhaps that I’ve ever witnessed. No, that’s not just because I and a whole bunch of other maniacs got to join the band onstage and jump around. That certainly added to how cool that night was, but what hooked me and so many others in the first place is the band’s unique sound, which is notoriously hard to pin into a particular genre.

This is the case when listening to the band’s most recent release, a pair of singles — “The Great Swindle” and “Candle Light.” The band released these two tracks on Christmas Eve, and listeners will notice a sound that carries the emotion of Anberlin, with an intensity that can be likened to Avenged Sevenfold, tied together with a progressive tendency akin to Coheed and Cambria.

See if you hear what I’m hearing below. Of course, there’s so much going on here that you might hear something different. Whatever the case may be, I bet you’ll like it!

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