Review: The Wildlings – Shed Sounds

Artist: The Wildlings
Album: Shed Sounds
Released: March 26, 2017
Genre: Alternative/Surf/Psychedelic Rock

Allentown’s The Wildlings have recently released “Shed Sounds,” a hazy, lo-fi surf rock collection recorded at the compound of frontman Isaac Brieninger’s family.

Outside genre influences inform The Wildlings’ latest effort, adding sonic depth to make this release an intriguing one. Opening track “Genie’s Last Wish” contains a hint of old-time country in its groove, while “Reoccurring Dreams” has an instrumental reminiscent of The Doors, with a tone and rhythm that calls to mind The Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun.”

Other highlights include “Arabian Lap Dance,” whose hypnotic rhythm is brought about by surf rock’s middle eastern influences. “Spider Slide” has a spirited, danceable groove that would make for a fun live performance, while album closer “Mountain Babies” contains a pleasant, rainy day vibe complete with atmospheric synth to bring “Shed Sounds” to a mellow conclusion. Listen below!

Track listing:
Genie’s Last Wish
Arabian Lap Dance
Reoccurring Dreams
Spider Slide
Tale of Big Blue
Topsy Turby
Mountain Babies

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