Catching Up with Signs of Madness’ Alexander Kristof

On Friday, June 9, Valley metal band Signs of Madness will join VICTIM and Alpha Zero Three at Northampton’s Gin Mill and Grille for the Hard Rock Rebellion, presented by LVU and Ashley Romanishan.

We took some time out to chat with Signs of Madness frontman Alexander Kristof, who filled us in on the band’s origins, influences, and a hint of what’s coming.

You and Stefan first came together from different projects, ending up working together in a metal tribute band. Was the chemistry between you two evident from the start?
Absolutely! After I sang a section on a Buried at Dawn tune, “Castle Black,” we had a conversation and started working immediately. From the very first song to right now, we all have excellent chemistry.


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You guys soon started writing together. Then, you hit the studio and realized the potential of what would become Signs of Madness. Describe that moment, of realizing you have a good thing.
From the first time I sang along to a guitar track, to the first practice, we all could tell immediately that we had a killer band and realized it was a great thing.

From there, you filled out the lineup, adding Chris Ruch on bass and Ryan Bercaw on drums. Where did you find those guys? When did you realize they were the right fit?
Ryan was a friend of Stefan’s, and Chris was a suggestion by our buddy Jody Hauck from The Damn Dirty Apes. We realized it was the right fit when we played our first song together.

Your music is aggressive and powerful, yet has the melodic sensibility of vintage metal. Which artists have and continue to influence you?
We are all influenced by many styles of music. That makes what we create interesting, and super heavy and melodic. The vocals are influenced from Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford and 50s doo wop. The musical composition is influenced by Iced Earth and Nevermore, with a heavy hand of thrash mixed in. The whole band is into all styles of music. We just happen to be in a metal band.

Surely, we’re going to hear you blend those influences together on the upcoming full-length debut. How far along is the album, and what can we expect when it hits?
The full-length will be out in 2017. There will definitely be a blend of all our influences on our debut.  We are returning to the studio in May, and we are doing the music in sections because we are paying for it. We will not beg for money.

When this music is complete, people can expect a very intense metal album. It will be available worldwide when it is released.

On Friday, June 9, you’ll share the stage at The Gin Mill and Grille with VICTIM and Alpha Zero Three at the Hard Rock Rebellion, presented by Lehigh Valley Underground and Ashley Romanishan. How stoked are you to play alongside those bands?
We are very excited to be a part of the evening on June 9. We are honored to be asked, and are looking forward to sharing the stage with these bands. It will be a great night!

What can people expect from your set that night?
Excellent live music.

That about does it! Tell us where we can learn more about Signs of Madness online.
You can learn more about us at and Thank you for taking the time to speak with us!

Listen to “Voices in My Head,” one of Signs of Madness’ current singles, below!

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