Cubbage Picks Up ‘Where We Left Off’

Artist: Cubbage
Album: Where We Left Off
Released: May 11, 2017
Genre: Pop/Folk/Soul

You heard it here first: Cubbage will one day headline a large festival stage.

Our reasoning? His new EP, “Where We Left Off,” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Lansdale native is a superb songsmith whose sound is big, dynamic, and accessible enough to be enjoyed by the masses.

Already preceded by “The Gate” – the EP’s closing track and bluesy, melodic lead single – “Where We Left Off” picks up with “Here & Now,” which is as dynamic an opening statement as you’re going to find on a release this year. The opening track’s peaks and valleys give it a big concert feel, and further establish Cubbage’s comfort outside of the box as a songwriter.

Get Through This” is another big, dynamic pop song; one whose accessibility lies just as much in its Top 40 sensibilities as its subtle, but present modern country leanings. After that, “The Author” blends soaring, atmospheric pop with rootsy guitars and rhythms to result in a song that is expertly crafted – one that, perhaps, is the best among an outstanding four-track collection that you can enjoy below.

Track listing:
Here & Now
Get Through This
The Author
The Gate

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