Review: Ray Sam – On Sight

Artist: Ray Sam
Album: On Sight (LISTEN)
Date: April 2, 2017
Genre: Acoustic rock/Americana

Back in March, we saw a band named Psychoskunk open a great night of music at The Grape Room in Manayunk; a night which also featured the Valley’s own Roi and the Secret People.

Little did we know that the funk rock trio’s guitarist, Montgomery County native Ray Sam, was preparing a solo release of his own: the full-length volume “On Sight.”

“On Sight” features ten tracks of just Sam and his acoustic guitar, allowing the listener to appreciate each song and its root structure. Sam combines erratic (in a fun and interesting way) rhythms with folk rock storytelling to keep the listener engaged, with a song like “Give It Up” serving as a perfect example.

While “On Sight” features some fun and catchy acoustic rock tunes, such as “Desert Rain” and the toe-tapping, mid-tempo anthem “Safe as Milk,” Sam is also able to dial it back and deliver tenderness on a lonely, reflective waltz like album opener “Double Jeopardy.”

Track listing:
Double Jeopardy
Tall Tale
Steady Rain
Pump Your Brakes
Desert Rain
Safe as Milk
Give It Up
Ease Up

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