PHOTOS: Hard Rock Rebellion with VICTIM, Signs of Madness, and Alpha Zero Three

Friday night at The Gin Mill & Grille, it was time to rock. Fortunately, the evening’s lineup was in place to support that notion.

Lehigh Valley Underground and Ashley Romanishan were the co-presenters of the first-ever Hard Rock Rebellion, put together in conjunction with notorious party punks VICTIM and including local metalheads Signs of Madness and alt-rockers Alpha Zero Three to offer three distinct sounds and offer something for any fan of the genre.

We kicked off the night with Alpha Zero Three, who sounded so tight that no one would believe that Friday evening would be just the band’s third performance in its brief history. The fivesome was as engaging and energetic to set a perfect tone for the night, showcasing original material soon to be released on its debut album on September 7. before closing its set with Soundgarden’s “Fell on Black Days” as a tribute to the late Chris Cornell.

Next up was Signs of Madness to add a metal edge to the evening. The Whitehall natives added the evening’s heaviest set, delivering thundering rhythms, scorching guitar solos, and the intense presence of frontman Alexander Kristof.

Then, it came time for the main event of the night. The hometown boys VICTIM took the stage shortly before 11 p.m. and delivered a performance that was musically tight and had the crowd engaged and on its feet from the get-go. The always-charismatic, boundary-pushing Cris Moser was true to form, all the while focused and excited for the band’s big night. Guitarists Eric Budihas and Mike Wambold were very much in sync, while the lively playing of Lee Billy (bass) and new drummer Bill Caufman provided a solid backbone to the performance.

The band’s performance provided unique moments, which included guest vocals from local music supporter/dancing machine Wild Bill, Ashley Romanishan and, at Moser’s behest, as much of the audience as could fit onstage during the encore, “RnR.”

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