Tyler Rothrock: A Night Frozen in Time

Photo credit: SteelStacks.org

Tyler Rothrock is a Nazareth native-turned-New York City comedian who has performed up and down the East Coast. He has shared the same stages as modern-day comedy greats, including Dave Attell, Michael Che, Judah Friedlander, Nick DiPaolo, and Kyle Kinane.

Through it all, Tyler has never forgotten where he came from. That’s why it was important to come home to the ArtsQuest Center’s Blast Furnace Room at SteelStacks on Saturday, June 24 for a live recording of his first album.

“A big part of me continuing this pursuit of a career in comedy is the fact that I have the Lehigh Valley so close,” Rothrock said. “I can come, stretch my legs out, and do longer sets. It’s a good representation of the country, and that’s been really beneficial to me.”

A Long Time Coming
The album recording is the result of the relationships and foundation Rothrock has built in the Valley over the years. He started perfecting his comedic chops at local venues, performing at comedy showcases at Bethlehem and Allentown Brew Works directed by Ryan Hill, ArtsQuest’s current Programming Director.

According to Rothrock, Hill was instrumental toward making the upcoming recording into reality.

“Glen Tickle recorded an album (at SteelStacks). I heard it, and it sounded really good,” Rothrock noted. “I never think I’m ready for stuff like that, but (Hill) talked me into doing it.”

Capturing the moment
Like any comedian, Rothrock’s work is always evolving with the topical matters of the day. That is why he acknowledges a desire to capture his current material – while it’s current – on June 24.

“Some of the stuff that you talked about two years ago won’t be the same as stuff that you’ll want to talk about in the future,” Rothrock said. “For me, comedy only works if I’m saying something that I actually believe. It’s less about making something funny, and more about stuff that I think. It’s a conversation. I notice that if I do something onstage that I don’t necessarily believe in, it doesn’t work well.”

Rothrock’s material for the evening will be a snapshot of his current profile as an up-and-coming New York City comedian – a consistent theme between he and his friends and supporting comedians for the evening, Bryan Yang and Paul Spratt.

“With everyone I’ve become friends with in New York, the binding factor is how shitty New York is,” Rothrock deadpanned. “We embrace the struggle together and write together, and have a similar outlook on comedy, but don’t necessarily have the same style. They’re two guys that I think are really funny. I’m a fan of them.”

Together, they will all be part of a special evening that, as Rothrock notes, will be “frozen in time” – and his friends and family will get to say they were there.

“Whatever I do will be recorded and outlive us all,” Rothrock states. “Even if I end up doing something else down the road, I’ll still have this hour of time. It’s important to me that it was here. The people that are laughing are the people you grew up with, and who care about you and want to see you do well.”

Those interested in cheering Tyler on will have two opportunities that evening – at 8:30 and 10:30 p.m., respectively. Tickets are $10 for the general public, $9.50 for students and seniors, and $9 for ArtsQuest members. Children ages 13 to 18 must be accompanied by an adult. No children under 12 will be admitted. For tickets and more information, visit steelstacks.org.

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