On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen – The Night Before

It’s hard to believe that after six long months of planning and preparation, we have finally made it to the final countdown!  As I am in my basement repainting the merch display, I pray that I remembered to pack everything.  Our new shirts (printed at Lehigh Valley Apparel Creations) are ready to go, our Folklore EP (Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Soffera of Hybrid Studios) and stickers just arrived, our host gifts provided by Tolino Vineyards are boxed up, and I hope I have enough clothes to last me the next two weeks.

We are departing on a 13-show, 12-city adventure of a lifetime, a.k.a. the SOUTHERN EXPOSURE Tour with opener Zach Russack tomorrow and stress is high.  Being not only the bassist for Alex Mery & The Townsmen, but also the tour manager, promoter, and site liaison for both DIY groups has been quite a task, and I must admit, I am ready to relax, create new music, see new sights, and enjoy the ride!

Throughout the tour, we will be providing you, the readers of Lehigh Valley Underground (our media sponsor) with updates from the band, fun photos, and maybe even a few useless anecdotes.

So, who is coming along with me for this wild adventure, you ask?

Alex Mery: Guitar and lead vocal (Alex Mery & The Townsmen)

“This is the first tour I’ll be on, and Georgia is the furthest south I have ever been.  I feel I’m an easy person to travel with.”

Matt Anderson: Percussion (Alex Mery & The Townsmen)

“I’m pumped!  This is also my first tour with any group ever, and has always been a dream of mine.  It’s my first time going south of Maryland, but it’s also the first time I will have been in a car for this long.”

Zach Russack: Guitar and vocals (singer-songwriter based out of Hackettstown, NJ)

“I’m anxious about our travels because I’m sure there’s going to be moments of discouragement, but I will keep reminding myself that everyone starts at the bottom before they can go up.”

Alex Generous: Percussion (Zach Russack)

“I’m excited and nervous, but since Zach and I are often a few states away, it will be nice to finally take some time to focus on playing his songs and maybe writing for the next album!”

Yes, that’s right people…

Everyone uses only four letters in their first name.  No room for any five letter freaks in this bandwagon.  Signing off for now, but stay tuned for updates from our NYC show tomorrow!

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Alex Mery & The Townsmen
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Zach Russack
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