Ninjapedia Band of the Week: The Beautiful Distortion

ninjapediaSeveral years ago, I went to my first Backyard Bands competition at the Allentown Fair. I didn’t know what to expect since it was my first time, but this band blew me away! I walked away wanting more, and that’s what you will experience at one of their shows.

Their amazing musicianship, on and off the stage, is something to be commended. Add that to their stellar vocals and unique style, and you have a six-piece monster of rock! With the different influences and talents that each member brings to the table, they fit together like a perfect puzzle.

My band of the week is The Beautiful Distortion!

You will have the chance to check them out this Friday night at Chicago Restaurant and Club Gravity for the Third Annual Lehigh Valley Musicians Social, hosted by The Fyre and Ice Show.

You can also stay up to date with show dates, band news and more by visiting them online and on Facebook. If you need a little preview before Friday, here’s their official video for their song, “Voices.”

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