On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #1 – NYC


We just finished our first gig of tour at Silvana in NYC and it was a fun experience.  After a trailer fiasco, switching vehicles, and packing/unpacking everything repeatedly, we have officially begun our tour! Today, we took a journey to NYC for a little adventure in parking, but once we finally found an ideal spot, and then moved again… we were good to go.

First we got delicious fruit/vegetable smoothies at Elma’s in Harlem, since we are clearly  trying to be the healthiest ever on tour.  Then we enjoyed some delicious coffee brewed up by “Raymond” as well as falafel (Matt’s first experience with this mystery food) at Silvana before playing a show alongside Andy Bianco & His Band, Justin Howl, and of course our tour opener, Zach Russack.  Now, we are calling it a night before heading to Wilmington, Delaware tomorrow for a doubleheader of shows.  Stay tuned for updates tomorrow!

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Zach Russack
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