On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #3 – Virginia Redcoats

Another day of the Southern Exposure is in the books!

Today, we took on Virginia. After some much needed rest, Alex G. and I went on a scooter/bicycle adventure through the area, checked out some local shops, and enjoyed a beer at Final Gravity Brewing Company.  We also picked up an extra large coffee for Matt, considering the likelihood that we would probably spill at least half of it on the way home, but I must say I was impressed with Alex’s balancing skills.

After an impromptu practice session, we all hopped back into the truck to trek down to Williamsburg for our evening performance at The Crust Cafe. Amidst the humidity and mosquitos, we all worked together to present four hours of music from a range of styles. Zach and Alex G. even joined us to sing I Miss You by Blink 182 during our set. The food was absolutely delicious, and we enjoyed some leftovers on the way home. The southern hospitality shone through at this venue, and we are eager to see what North Carolina has in store for us for the next two performances (even if Zach is disappointed that there were no redcoats to be seen). Stay tuned!

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