On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen (Zach Russack Duo Takeover): Day #4 – OOOoooOoooOOooOOOoOoh


Alex here, coming to you from Durham, North Carolina! As you can see, we have no idea what we’re doing taking over this blog, except when we’re searching for buffalo. We found one, conveniently right outside Caffe Driade, which happens to be our cozy little venue in Chapel Hill. Did Kara mention how hot it was down south in the last blog entry? Because… it was really hot. 95 degrees hot. And humid. Toooouurrrrrr.

After us five goons unloaded all of our equipment and lost a few pounds of water weight, we set up the stage and the merch tables. Zach and I both decided that I should just use the Townsmen’s drum kit, and I couldn’t have been more excited. I can’t get enough of the strings of lights that Alex Mery’s gang brought with them to hang around the instruments, especially with these outdoor gigs. Kinda magical!

IMG_2864 (1)

…well, it looks more magical at night!

Zach here, and now it’s my turn to try out this blogging thing-a-ma-jig. Hmmm…

When we completed our setup, Alex and I were surprised by some old friends of ours from university who trekked out to watch us perform! It certainly made my night, as well as Mr. Generous’, I’m sure. This is a picture of the four of us . Yes, I am noticeably sweaty, but as Alex mentioned, it was quite a warm day today…


Ah, nothing better than a surprise to kick off a gig! As I was beginning to think that this night couldn’t get any better, I decided to take a gander inside the cafe to see what they had in store (literally).  As I was waiting for my iced Americana, my ears were pleasantly surprised when Gregory Alan Isakov, Nick Drake, and Tycho played from the barista’s personal playlist. This barista was truly the shiznit. Her name is Nanu. This is what she looks like:


Alex here, again. Time to talk about our show. Zach and I were pretty happy with our set, considering we hadn’t rehearsed with me on a full kit in quite a while. Can’t get too comfortable with that cajon!

We also really enjoyed Alex Mery and the Townsmen’s set. Aside from their sound being nicely balanced for the outdoors, their energy was through the roof and keeps increasing with every show, making all of the Alexs who were at the event very proud! The night cooled off when a light breeze rolled in and everyone at the gig, both performers and listeners, were enjoying the music and the progression of the lazy summer night.

…Oh, and Matt got bit alot.

Not much else to say! We packed up the trailer (we’re getting pretty good at that) and made a gloriously short trip back to Durham for a long night’s sleep, drifting off to the sound of rain pounding on the roof.

Just kidding. It actually took us 3 hours to write as little as we did on this blog. It’s not as easy as it looks…

See you guys (y’all) in Charlotte,

– Zach Russack, Alex Generous & our new buffalo-friend, B-Flo

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