PHOTOS: The Third Annual Lehigh Valley Musicians Social

Friday night at Chicago Restaurant and Club Gravity was a banner night for the Lehigh Valley music scene, as The Fyre and Ice Show booked a stellar rock and roll lineup to serve as the centerpiece of its Third Annual Lehigh Valley Musicians Social.

Local music fans were treated to music from three distinct bands, starting with Lehigh Valley veterans Eighteenth Hour. Playing sans drums, the band sounded incredibly tight, supporting their catchy rock melodies with instrumentation that was on point for the duration of their set.

Up next was Psych, who brought the element of covers into play for the evening. That isn’t to say that they stuck only to rock standards, however; they mixed in their original material, which holds up quite well amid songs that you might hear on WZZO or 99.9 The Hawk.

Finally, the night closed with the dynamic sounds of The Beautiful Distortion. It was as good a night as ever for the six-piece, who you might remember as the reigning, defending — and now, eternal — WZZO Backyard Bands champions, keeping the audience captive with their harmonic prowess.

Also, not to be understated was the ability of this event to bring the scene together. Representatives of bands, organizations, and the general community were on-hand to support local music, network, and, in some cases, set up shop and sell some merch. The spirit of the evening led to a packed room and a lot of collaboration.

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