On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #7 – NASHVILLE


After a late night of some good old fashioned board games and some much needed sleep, we ventured to Nashville!  On our way there, Zach and I attempted to get on the list for an open mic at The Bluebird Cafe, while the Alex/Alex duo navigated our wagon across time zones.

This open mic is elite, and they only take the first 25 acts that dial in starting at 11:00 a.m. We both dialed and re-dialed until the phone number was shut down because the list had been filled. Zach actually got through, but nobody picked up on the other end. That experience was a roller coaster of emotions, even though neither of us succeeded. (Fun fact: the iPhone stops counting your phone calls to the same number after 200. I guess they didn’t account for crazy people like us!)

After checking into our hotel, we Ubered downtown to explore Nashville. We were all incredibly excited to take in the city — ah, the city! — and there is so much to see and do. Having been here before, Zach was our afternoon tour guide of sorts, and he brought us to Jack’s BBQ for some super messy, but amazingly delicious food.


After we were full to the brim, we took to the streets to check out the live music, which was hitting us from literally every direction.  Everywhere we went, there were live performances.  We also popped in a record shop and had a few beverages together.


Later that night, upon returning to the hotel, we ordered pizza and took a refreshing swim in the pool. It was nice to have a “day off” and just relax and explore today, but I’m looking forward to playing again tomorrow.  Drifters BBQ, here we come!

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