This Week’s Ninjapedia: A Time for Reflection

ninjapediaOn Friday, June 23 at Chicago Restaurant and Club Gravity, the Third Annual Lehigh Valley Musicians Social took place. My colleague Pitbull and I were filled with anticipation and excitement for the night’s events. As always, when you plan a party (because yes, this was a party), there is always a bit of nervousness, hoping that everything goes as planned without any hiccups.

Everything went better than we had planned! All three bands — Eighteenth Hour, Psych, and The Beautiful Distortion — brought a level of energy in the room that was, quite frankly, intoxicating. They all took charge of the stage and garnered the attention of everyone.

The networking bug was definitely in the room. People from all walks of life were talking with one another, sharing fresh ideas and concepts about our local music scene, and how to keep building on an already-strong platform.

I think the thing that I learned the most is that our music community has a very strong bond. Perhaps Friday night just reiterated something I already knew. We all have different ways of achieving the end goal in this musical world but, at the end of the day, we are all striving for the same thing. We all want a strong support system for our local musicians, and we all want our musicians to succeed in their endeavors. Day by day, step by step, we get stronger — and the creativity lava overflows everywhere you look.

Michael Presti, the owner of Neue Regel Radio and on-air personality DJ RTFX, was slated to be our guest emcee for the night, but was unable to make it. In lieu of his appearance, he made a special video for the event. Michael shared some of the wisdom he has gained from being heavily involved in the music industry. Not only does he own an internet radio station for five years, he is also a musician, and he knows the struggles that musicians deal with on a daily basis.


I want to thank everyone that attended the event, and to all those who have supported and believed in The Fyre And Ice Show and The Originals Music Series. We also must recognize Chicago Restaurant for the support and unwavering love they have given us. We could not do what we do if it wasn’t for all the amazing support, amazing talent, and amazing fans that the Lehigh Valley and beyond has given us. We will continue to fight the good fight with all of you.

And, remember always….



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