On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen (Zach Russack Duo Takeover): Day #9 – Wild Wild West Virginia


Howdy, y’all! Zach and Alex here again, coming to you now from the vast, woodsy expanse of West Virginia, where we’re pretty sure we saw a grand total of five towns once we hit the WV border from Nashville. But what sights they were! Being in all that open country and winding highways reminded the two of us of driving through Vermont. What a beaut!

The drive from Nashville was a looong one, with Alex being an absolute beast and driving the entire eight hours, with Zach serenading his driver with songs by The Dear Hunter. When we finally touched down in West Virginia, everyone worshipped Alex as a driving god among men. (Guess which one of us is doing the typing? Muahahaha)

When we did reach Beckley, WV, the first thing we noticed was the lack of people in town at 7 p.m… and it stayed that way all night. As we set up at Fosters Main Street Tavern, our venue for the night, Zach and I mentioned how nice the acoustics were in the room, and this would certainly work to our advantage.

I played drum kit again that night, and was quite far back on the stage. It was a slight challenge hearing the vocals and guitar being so far back on stage without a monitor, but what’s a first tour without challenges? Both bands sets were tight, and Zach and Alex Mery were feeling the way their voices naturally carried throughout the room. It was definitely a more relaxing night of playing.

We packed up quick after the show, and left Beckley a little after midnight, the town just as quiet and sleepy as it had been earlier that evening. We were also quiet and sleepy, and the hotel was a welcome sight. We have to save a little strength for Cincinatti tomorrow. Goodnight all!

Signing off,

Zach Russack and Alex Generous

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