On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #12 – Ah, The City (Philadelphia)


Distressed chalk work? Nah. This sign is a result of torrential downpours and a thunderstorm that hit Philly tonight right as I was parking our truck/trailer a mile away from the venue for our evening performance. This is all probably a result of my aforementioned “decent weather” from my accounts of Day #11.  Now, let’s rewind…

Today, after a well-rested evening in Harrisburg (all thanks to housing sponsored by Susan Anderson, Matt’s mother), Alex G., Matt, and I embarked on a journey down towards Philly. Zach and Alex M. had already made prior travel arrangements, so this trio was on an adventure of their own. Alex G. had never been to Philadelphia before, so Matt and I showed him a small tidbit of the Philly culture this afternoon. We stopped in Repo Records, a comic store, a gift shop, a pawn shop, had some adult slushies, the boys had Philly Cheesesteaks, Kara got a tattoo, and then we returned to the truck to receive a city parking violation. Typical Philly experience complete!


After our fun individual adventures, we all met up at Fergie’s Pub for a terrific onset of bad weather right as we were loading in our equipment. Additionally, the closest parking lot that accepted our truck/trailer combo for parking was literally a mile away, which I walked. The gig itself was good, yet fairly low-key, which frankly was a welcome sight for these sleepy performers. We are looking forward to returning home to put on a fantastic show for our faithful fans at Tolino Vineyards, and of course, touch base with Lehigh Valley Underground connossieur Gerard T. Longo himself.

Stay tuned for a final post from us, and we hope to see you for the last stop of our Southern Exposure Tour from 1-4 p.m.!


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