Review: The Wayside Shakeup – Hometown Burndown

Artist: The Wayside Shakeup
Single: Hometown Burndown
Release Date: Summer 2017
Genre: Americana/Rock

The Wayside Shakeup, our friends and neighbors from South Jersey, are back with new music — and this time, they’re trying their hand at fiction writing.

The band leaked its forthcoming single, “Hometown Burndown,” on its YouTube page on July 4. The song features a fictional narrative inspired by real events. According to the band, “Hometown Burndown” was conceived when “a landmark diner and local watering hole in the band’s hometown caught fire within a few months of each other.┬áThe band crafted a clever (and entirely fictional!) narrative around the troubled soul who might have been responsible for the double arson.”

Listeners will notice a strong, sing-along hook right off the bat; one which sets a steady, accessible tone for the track and recalls some of the great pop rock anthems of our time. The bright tones present on “Hometown Burndown” add a whimsical flair to a story that would be tragic if its events were to play out in real-time. Indeed, it is that sense of laughing at disaster that helps this single hold up among the band’s most memorable work.

Heading to Philly this weekend? Hear “Hometown Burndown” live at The Barbary this Saturday. Also, check out the studio version below!

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