PHOTOS: Billy Bauer Band Opens for Gin Blossoms at Sherman Theater

Billy Bauer graciously invited Lehigh Valley Underground to make the trip up to Stroudsburg’s Sherman Theater on Friday night to catch his eponymous band’s opening gig in support of Gin Blossoms.

We happily obliged.

It was our maiden voyage up to Stroudsburg’s Main Street theater, which regularly hosts national touring acts in its space. It was also cool to hang out with Billy Bauer Band in the green room before their set, who were loose and having fun before taking the stage.

The guys sounded great once they took the stage, as well, warming up the crowd with a 45-minute set. Billy Bauer Band played mostly original material, complete with infectious grooves and the scorching hot electric violin of Chris Lorenzetti, while managing to sneak a cover of Dave Matthews Band’s “41” squarely in the middle.

As a bonus, we stuck around to catch some of Gin Blossoms’ set, which was opened with mega-hit “Follow You Down” from 1996’s platinum album, “Congratulations… I’m Sorry.” Frontman Robin Wilson drew the crowd in to sing along to the opener, before promptly inviting anyone in the building to the front of the stage in time for the subsequent “Miss Disarray,” which, Wilson noted, added a proper rock and roll feel to the evening.

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