Ninjapedia Band of the Week: Psych


Six years ago, I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with a band that was still a secret and rocking out in their basement studio. All of them were seasoned musicians who were ready to test the waters with not only each other, but with a listening audience, as well.

The chemistry between all of them flowed like a sea of sweet chocolate. As I sat there and listened to them, I asked them, “What are you guys waiting on? Get out there and play!”

Their music commands your attention, and the songs are written about real life events and issues, allowing their fans to relate to the songs on a more personal and intimate level. They were received well and gained a fan base in no time at all.

Psych is the Ninjapedia Band of the Week!

Psych is currently in the studio working on their second album, and I think I can speak for their fans when I say we are ready! You can stay up to date with new album news, and all that is going on in the Psych camp, by following their Facebook page and visiting their website, which includes a store where can purchase their music and merch.

You can also find a plethora of videos, including live ones, on their YouTube channel.

Below is one of ┬ámy favorite songs by Psych, called “Eleven Hundred Days“:

Watch out for Psych coming to a stage near you!

Music feeds the soul,



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