January Noon Preparing for Release of Debut Single

January Noon, the dynamic duo of guitarist/singer Anthony Pasciuti and percussionist Thomas Mikhail, have been keeping busy since we last ran into them at SoMa Downtown Grill in Phillipsburg in May.

Since then, they’ve completed their debut single — and are preparing to unleash it on the world Monday, July 17.

The single, “If I Can,” is a bright and insanely catchy tune — one which features Pasciuti’s prominent acoustic guitar and soulful tenor. It has been the singer’s favorite song to perform dating back to high school which, according to Mikhail, made it “fitting for a first release.”

The track is held together by Mikhail’s steady percussion, and accented by the alto saxophone of Garrett Powell, a longtime friend of the band who adds a lyrical solo prior to the bridge, where Pasciuti brings it home with his sweet, yet powerful voice.

“If I Can” isn’t available for your ears just yet, but will be on iTunes, Spotify, and other digital platforms this Monday. In the meantime, please enjoy this cool, two-minute video we found where the duo describes its love of playing music.


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