Sun Blind Debuts New Song with Forthcoming Debut Album On Horizon

Sun Blind’s new track, “Something I Can’t Change,” blends multiple elements of hard rock with a catchiness that will keep you coming back.

With vocals reminiscent of Further Seems Forever’s Jason Gleason and their “technical, but crystal clear” production, this post-hardcore band has a little something for everyone. Their dynamic sound and overall style remind me a little bit of Saosin, which is great company to be around.

“Something I Can’t Change” is a great introduction for new listeners and old fans. The chorus is sure to be a crowd favorite at shows as, near the end of the track, you can hear multiple voices joining in to belt it out.

Sun Blind’s debut full-length album is slated for a release around the end of 2017. Keep your eyes peeled for that, but in the meantime, follow them on social media for updates and let “Something I Can’t Change” hold you over below.

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