Sonnder’s “Not Far Enough” Video Premiere

The time has come: Sonnder’s video for “Not Far Enough” is finally here, and we are thrilled and honored to premiere it right here on Lehigh Valley Underground!

The video, shot on location in Lambertville, NJ and directed by Dan Levitt, features frontman Ryan Weidman performing in a variety of interesting places, including (but not limited to) the front of a dragon boat – generously provided by the Bucks County Dragon Boat Association – and popular coffee shop, Lambertville Trading Company.

The video for “Not Far Enough” features a group of mysterious figures, clad in black hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses, who increase in numbers to keep a close watch on Weidman throughout the video. Suspecting that something is amiss, Weidman eventually attempts to outrun his antagonists, which is perhaps symbolic of a man trying to outrun his demons as they begin to close in.

You can hear “Not Far Enough” and plenty of other songs from the band’s album “Entanglementtonight at 7 p.m. at Spin Me Round inside of the Phillipsburg Mall, where Sonnder will be playing alongside Summer Scouts, Heat Thunder, and Houston and the Dirty Rats.

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