XXES Brings Something New to the Scene with ‘Changes’

Artist: XXES
Song: Changes
Released: July 4, 2017
Genre: Rap/Rock

Upon a first impression, the music of XXES is unlike anything else on the Lehigh Valley scene right now. The Bethlehem-based band features a big, guitar-driven sound akin to the nu metal giants of the early 2000s, with dual vocals that trade off in a way reminiscent of Linkin Park’s earlier work.

The band’s first single, “Changes,” delivers on the above points, opening with an aggressive 16 bars from frontman Matt Torman, whose style and delivery lies somewhere in the middle of Mike Shinoda and Fred Durst. A melodic refrain from keyboardist Sabrina Meixsell adds another layer to the band’s dynamic sound.

Another moment to watch out for is the bridge beginning at 2:54, which slows things down with an almost jazz-like drumbeat and features the prominent bass work of Nick Iacona.

Listen to “Changes” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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