Keep Flying’s “Walkabout” EP Release Party at The Sherman

A little over a week ago, The Sherman Theater hosted an EP release party for the up and coming pop punk/emo/hardcore/ska-influenced band, Keep Flying. It was more of a one-day fest, as the bill consisted of roughly ten bands.

In true punk fashion, I showed up pretty late to the party, as I was mostly there to catch the last two acts: Floor Space (previously Refuse the Conformity) and Keep Flying. The show itself was located in Sherman Showcase, an adjunct room connected to the theater. The room was of decent size with a solid stage, excellent PA system, and intricate lighting.

When Floor Space took the stage, I was immediately hit in the face with the powerful yet simplistic sound of a pop punk three piece who knows exactly what they are doing. The set was filled with heavy drumming, ripping guitar solos, and sweet two-part harmonies. They played their Refuse the Conformity songs for the last time ,and even busted out their new material as Floor Space, which is why their set was described as split on the flyer. I had never seen these fellows perform before, and they were extremely dedicated all around.

You can listen to their debut single, “Judd Nelson”…

You can also find their previous work at

Moving on to the headliner, Keep Flying was not what I was expecting at all. The moment you see a band take the stage with a trombone player and saxophonist you’d assume they were a ska band, right? Not Keep Flying. The sound they have is entirely its own thing, and I was honestly quite impressed, as I have never seen or heard something like them before.¬†They were very tight, professional, and solid players all around. Hell, the trombone player and saxophonist didn’t even play into the mic at times because they were able to project so well. Mind you, they were competing with two guitarists, a bass player, a drummer, and vocals from the PA. The trombone player also shared vocal duties with the frontman/guitarist, which I thought was pretty neat.

The six man band played both of their EPs (“Walkabout” and “Follow Your Nightmares”) in full for the crowd that evening. From what I could tell, the crowd loved it and so did I. You can find their music, merch, and social media at You can also view their performance in full here.

Check out a few photos (captured on my phone) below!

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