PHOTOS: Roi and the Secret People (Acoustic) and Mavis at The Jetport

This week, I’m on a week-long “staycation” from the day job, which has presented me with an opportunity to catch up on sleep and get all of LVU’s pre-Musikfest ducks in a row before things get extra wacky around here.

It also made Tuesday night as good a night as any to hit the scene… so, that’s what I did.

Mike Roi kindly let me know that he and guitarist Ed Golden would be at Allentown’s Jetport Bar & Lounge on Tuesday night, playing some acoustic Roi and the Secret People jams on the air with Rocking the Valley. Seeing as it was one of our Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week, I decided that I… well, couldn’t miss it.

I had never seen an acoustic performance from the band, so it was fun for me to hear RSP favorites like “Phoenix” and “Dog St.” in a new, stripped-down light. I would definitely recommend that any fan of the band does the same.

Afterwards, we were treated to some bonus action in the form of classic rock cover band Mavis, who were Nancy Jennings’ guest on her Rocking the Valley radio program, After Hours. The band consists of Mike Davis (vocals/guitar), Ed Zimmerman (guitar), Pete Mulligan (drums), and Dean Smith (bass).

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