Review: Sonar Lights – Babelonia

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Artist: Sonar Lights
Album: Babelonia
Released: Jan. 2, 2017
Genre: Heavy Rock

On their most recent effort, “Babelonia,” Fort Worth, TX rockers Sonar Lights feature a track called “Rock is Dead.” This is ironic because, upon a listen through the record, it is clear that the band has proven the contrary to be true. Rock is alive and well, and it still has new things to say.

“Babelonia” is a work that shows Sonar Lights’ versatility. It is one part progressive and one part hard rock with a dash of alternative flair. Those prog influences show through on “Wake Up,” a groovy, progressive introduction with a killer bassline that gets listeners ready for the ride they are about to take. To follow, “Through the Eyes of a Son” sounds like it’s about to take a more tender turn before the guitars become crunchier and more powerful, while “Take the Money and Run” is a bit more of a thrasher to pick up the pace.

An interesting point on the record is its instrumental “Interlude,” a track fit for a movie score which features soothing strings to elevate George Miadis’ acoustic guitar. Another high point is “Reset,” an eight-and-a-half minute dreamy rock waltz that just feels right as the album closer, complete with an extended solo to fade to black.

Track listing:
Wake Up
Through the Eyes of a Son
Take the Money and Run
Rock is Dead
Interlude (Instrumental)
Out of Time Out of Mind
Don’t You Fade Away

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