Meet the ‘Fest Vets: Dina Hall

Singer-songwriter, radio host, and Godfrey Daniels Board of Directors President Dina Hall wears many hats in the Valley’s music scene. Here’s another one: multi-time Musikfest performer.

Dina has nearly a decade of performing experience at the nation’s largest free outdoor music festival under her belt. With that, she offered her profound experience and sage advice on the matter to conclude this year’s inaugural “Meet the ‘Fest Vets” series.

How many years have you attended Musikfest?
I first attended in 1998, when I saw Indigo Girls at the old amphitheater at Moravian College South Campus. There are dorms there now.

What is your favorite thing about Musikfest, year after year?
I love discovering new acts, the hidden treasures.

What are you looking forward to this year?
I haven’t thought that far ahead yet.

Are you performing this year at Musikfest?
Yes. Thursday, August 10 at Lyrikplatz with Beth Sherby; Friday, August 11 at Liederplatz with my full band and guest Jenn McCracken; and Sunday, August 13 at Liederplatz with Dave Fry and the Southside Ramble for the 11th Annual Godfrey Daniels Day.

How many years have you performed at Musikfest?
I tried for eight years, and finally got a spot on Main Street in 2009. My band Jackknife Betty broke up three weeks before the gig, so I called on my friend, Regina Sayles, and we split the bill. I’ve been fortunate to get a spot every year since then. It’s an honor that I take very seriously. Also, as a volunteer on-air radio host at WDIY, I volunteer my time as an emcee at Liederplatz and Lyrikplatz.

What does the opportunity to perform at Musikfest mean to you?
As a professional, I see this as a job, and I strive to deliver the best possible performance. As a community-minded person, I see it as an opportunity to facilitate the gathering of all kinds of people, from our town and out of town, particularly at Liederplatz. That’s the most appealing venue at the festival, in my opinion. I like to offer bits of information and entertaining anecdotes with each performance, and I try to bring in a different guest to my band show every year. This creates a good feeling for everyone.

What would you tell someone performing at Musikfest for the first time?
Smile a lot and engage your entire audience. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of being on that awesome stage for the first time, and you’ll be tempted to wave to your parents and shout out to your friends. Don’t do that. Make sure you tell EVERYONE that you’re glad they came, and invite them all to say hello after the show. Make personal connections, but don’t let anyone monopolize your time. This is your first step toward the next level, so bring your A game.


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