PHOTOS: Billy Bauer Band Makes Musikfest Memories at Liederplatz

When you hear the sounds of Billy Bauer Band nearby, it’s hard not to stick around a while and enjoy the quartet’s bright brand of acoustic rock. That’s what I did on Thursday night — during a festival with so many stages running at any given time, I dedicated a full set to enjoying this Bethlehem-based band.

Billy Bauer Band’s sound provides the perfect backdrop for a summer afternoon. It relaxes you, yet makes you want to get up and dance. The fun grooves of the rhythm section (Drew Somers on drums and Steve Zalalas on bass) create a certain dance rock energy, while Bauer’s strong voice and laid-back, gregarious personality commands a presence. Everything is then tied together by Chris Lorenzetti’s exciting electric violin, which had me hanging on every note.

As always, I had my camera (and I even got to get a shot or two from the stage again). Take a look!

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