Neil Grover Makes Us Go ‘Whoa’

Artist: Neil Grover
Song: Whoa
Released: Aug. 14, 2017
Genre: Pop/Rock

When you see Neil Grover live, you’ll notice that, in true acoustic storyteller fashion, he takes the time to explain the meaning behind each song he plays. When he gets to “Whoa,” the Lehigh Valley-based singer-songwriter explains the tune to be one about wanting to escape the confines of an average life — a consistent theme in his music — and finding that rare person to join him in the endeavor.

As creatives, we can relate to Neil’s desire to go beyond the “9 to 5 thing,” and also to how difficult it is to find like-minded people to join you along the way.

As music reviewers, we can tell you that the rising pop-rock artist seems to be going places with that mentality and, of course, his talent. With “Whoa,” you’ll find that Grover’s smooth, sensitive vocal is delivered over a catchy, mid-tempo acoustic pop instrumental that counterbalances the motivated message contained within the lyrics with a relaxed vibe. It’s easy to find yourself nodding along to “Whoa;” not only for its chill demeanor, but for its inspiring message that will keep a listener striving for more out of life.

Check out “Whoa” for yourself below.

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