Review: Alex Mery & The Townsmen – Folklore

Artist: Alex Mery & The Townsmen
Album: Folklore (LISTEN)
Released: June 2017
Genre: Folk/Punk

Having a full year and a mid-Atlantic-to-Southeast tour under their belts, it makes sense that this would be the summer for Alex Mery & The Townsmen to release their anticipated “Folklore” EP. Now, the band has a fully-realized, official debut recording to call their own as they continue their momentum forward.

“Folklore” starts off strong with “War Horse,” where the band’s full, dynamic sound greets us. Mery’s searching vocals set forth a sense of pop punk/emo melancholy, while the song holds true to folk song structure and storytelling. Another example of strong dynamics is “Elegy.” Chilling, ambient keys from Kara Hartzell combine with Mery’s slow, plodding guitar strum and late night regret-fueled vocal, before Matt Anderson’s pounding drum entrance and the aforementioned duo’s tandem vocals kick in to give the song some oomph.

Anderson shines again on “Lay Down Arms,” driving the official studio version of the band’s debut single forward with his percussive talents. Speaking of singles, it would seem that the album closer and title track of “Folklore” has just as much potential; it packs as much punch as “Lay Down Arms,” and even features a fun, clap-along chorus.

Track listing:
War Horse
Lay Down Arms
Where the River Meets the Sea

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